Our Story

MyPapermake Story


Today, reducing our impact on our environment is needed more than ever. Global warming is worsening, we need to keep our trees. And with the growth of the fast fashion movement, the textile industry has become the third most polluting industry on the planet. MyPapermake was created to help create change.

MyPapermake was born with a mission to create a brand that will deliver quality fueled with social responsibility.

MyPapermake is a stationery brand that is rooted in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Our products are made of tree-less papers. We use post-industry cotton cloths, instead of them ending up in landfills, we turn them into paper and use them to create beautiful journals, scrapbooks and photo albums. No toxic dyes are used in the materials that go into our products so rest assured that none of it is going to our environment and it's safe for the workers.

Every time you buy a product or brand, you make a choice & cast a vote… you can vote to help improve our planet & move the industry towards a healthier future for us all or the other. Join our movement, keep writing, keep creating!